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High School Electives

The goal of our educational philosophy is the cultivation of wisdom and virtue, the method is the Trivium, the medium is language in pursuit of beauty, goodness and truth. Defining these ideals is challenging, defending them is critical. Without a clear definition of beauty, truth and goodness, the foundation on which our culture was fashioned will waste away. Our elective offerings are opportunities to pursue these ideals.

High School Electives

We desire for our students to pursue wisdom and virtue through the study of languages, athletics, the fine arts and student leadership. The word “elective” should not be confused with “unimportant.” Several electives are required each year, and several have minimum requirements over the course of the high school years.

We desire that our graduates be well-rounded disciples of Christ and recognize that the course of study that is offered will impact the attainment of that goal.


Graduation Requirements

We require students to have 28 credit hours upon graduation as follows:

  • History (4)
  • Language Arts (4)
  • Mathematics (4)
  • Science (4)
  • Theology (4)
  • Languages (3)
  • Reasoning &
    Persuasion (2)
  • Fine Arts (1)
  • Physical Training/ Athletics (1)
  • Elective (1)

Download our Graduation Requirements