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The Grammar Years

The goal of our grammar school curriculum is to prepare our students for the logic and rhetoric programs of our secondary school. Every skill and subject in the curriculum is selected to grow our students so they are fully prepared as they transition to the next stage.  

Bible: Beginning with an overview, the students will then study each section of Scripture, reading and discovering the Word of God under the guidance of their teacher. Stories, songs, and scripture memory are used to help give our students a solid foundation in their knowledge of the Bible.

English: Students are taught the grammar of their own language and its fundamental rules and principles using Shurley English. During the Grammar Stage, their ability to understand sentence structure is grown by being taught how to classify and diagram sentences; after which, they then utilize these skills to grow as young writers.    

Reading: A strong emphasis on phonics is presented in all grades using the Spalding Method in every grade. Starting in second grade, students are introduced to mythology, poetry, and fables from around the world, as well as age-appropriate classic children's literature.

History: Instruction in this realm moves from narrow to broad; first, students learn about their own families and the state of Texas. Once the world in front of them is learned, students begin to broaden their horizons by studying the Story of the World, with an emphasis in understanding God’s redemptive purposes for every culture.

Geography: Map skills are integrated into history lessons as students learn about the countries, rivers, and important geographic features of the world. 

Science: The scientific domains of chemistry, physics, earth science, and biology are presented to children within the context of their historical studies. Students complete grammar school with a solid foundation of science in the context of a Christian worldview.  

Math: Singapore Math and Big Ideas Math are utilized as resources for the teaching the grammar of mathematics, as well as problem-solving. These vocabulary-rich lessons are filled with stories, chants, songs, and all sorts of engaging hands-on materials.  

Latin: Latin instruction begins in third grade and continues through tenth grade, primarily using resources from Classical Academic Press. The grammar stage focuses particularly on Latin grammar, including the parts of speech, conjugations, and declensions.  

Fine Arts: Students are trained in skills and techniques appropriate to their abilities as they seek to imitate classic art, while art history and appreciation are presented within the context of historical studies. During the grammar stage, a love of music is cultivated through the learning of music notation, performance, and the teaching of monthly hymns and composers. 

Physical Education: Students are taught to move with the skill and coordination that will prepare them for a lifetime of fitness and better train godly character. 

Kindergarten Ready
First Grade Story Time
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Third Grade Greek Feast
Third Grade Latin
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Sixth Grade Review
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