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Tuition by Grade

Annual Tuition is payable using your choice of Payment Plans. Tuition may be paid via FACTS Tuition Management in one lump sum on June 1 (for a 5% discount), in two payments on July 1 and December 1, or in ten monthly payments beginning July 1 and, excluding January, ending May 1. During Online Enrollment, each family will select a Payment Plan relative to methods and timing of payments. Continuously enrolled families will remain on the same payment plan unless the office is notified otherwise. 

Note: Students enrolling after the first full month of school will receive a prorated tuition based on months remaining in the school year.

Other Fees: Tuition payments are remitted through FACTS for an annual fee of $25-55, based on number of tuition payments.  FACTS also assesses a $30 fee for any returned payments.  Covenant Academy charges a late fee of $29 for any unpaid delinquent balances over 5 days old.

FACTS Payment Methods: Payment options available are automatic bank draft and debit/credit card. Debit/Credit card payments are available for a 2.85% processing fee.

Incidental charges (billed separately each month through FACTS) include and are not limited to the following: School Uniforms, Spirit Wear, School/Art Supplies, Scientific Calculators, Retreats/Overnight Field Trips for Grades 7-12, Emergency Lunches, Participation in ACSI or TAPPS competitions, Participation in Athletics, Consumable Athletic Wear (items like shoes and warm-up jerseys that cannot be passed on each year), AP or College Entrance Exam Fees, Participation in After School Clubs or Honor Societies, Summer Enrichment Courses/Camps, and Before/After School Care.

Application & Enrollment Fees

Our Enrollment/Registration Fee covers a portion of the cost of classroom textbooks, disposable workbooks, technology expenses, and other classroom materials essential to the education of your student.

Covenant Academy has implemented Continuous Enrollment where only the annual Enrollment/Registration Fee of $450 per student will be assessed annually in the month of January.  This is a one-time enrollment process where your student stays enrolled until they either graduate or you opt-out of enrollment for the next school year.

As your child is initially enrolled, you will be asked to agree to the terms of the contract which states the following: “I hereby opt into continuous enrollment. This means that my student will continue coming back to Covenant every year unless I tell the school otherwise. I understand that I have until December 15th each subsequent school year to notify the school office of any changes in my plans of enrollment for my child.”

*Returning families who did NOT opt-in to Continuous Enrollment the prior year must complete the online enrollment AND pay the $450 Enrollment/Registration Fee by January 31 to have class placement priority.  Classroom placement is not reserved until the enrollment fee has been paid as stated above.  Covenant Academy reserves the right to not re-enroll any student if his or her account with Covenant Academy is delinquent.

Open enrollment for *new* students begins February 1.**

**Applications received after this deadline will be processed on a rolling, space-available basis. Waiting pool applications will be accepted after a grade is filled. If a place becomes available in a previously-closed grade, all applicants in the waiting pool for that grade will be notified on the same date and given one week to activate their application if they are interested. All activated waiting pool applicants will be considered together. 

Applications for each school year are accepted on a rolling/ongoing basis for any remaining openings, or wait pools in grades with no openings.

Please contact the Admissions Office to inquire about availability in specific grade levels.


  • Use this link to access the FACTS Grant & Aid portal.

    FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment conducts the financial need analysis for Covenant Academy to determine if a family is financially qualified for tuition assistance.  Existing students must be re-enrolled for the upcoming school year and new students must submit an Online Application to the school prior to applying.

  • The Patriot scholarship is a need and merit-based scholarship available to Covenant High School students. A limited number of scholarships are available each year and will be awarded to the most qualified applicants.

    Specific criteria must be met as outlined in the application which will be submitted to Mrs. Collins in order to determine eligibility.

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