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Our Athletics Philosophy

Covenant Academy Athletic Department exists to help fulfill the mission of the school by teaching a Christ-centered approach to competition and teamwork, as well as respect for our opponents and officials. Covenant Academy athletics also hopes to instill a lifelong love for exercise and physical fitness in our student athletes.


  • In athletics, we pursue truth by seeking victory fairly and submitting ourselves honestly to the rules of the game.
  • We pursue goodness by endeavoring to represent Christ as we win or lose graciously, putting forth our best effort no matter the opposition.
  • We pursue beauty by seeking to master the skills in each event.
  • We learn to serve Christ’s kingdom by working as a team, not seeking individual glory, but putting our efforts into the success of the group.
  • We seek to work hard and compete fairly and to do so for Christ’s glory.

Covenant’s competitive sports program is designed to help fulfill the school’s mission with excellence by:

The program seeks to provide a Christ-centered, quality sports experience for students in grades five (5) and above,  P.E. classes for students in grades Kindergarten through eight (K-8). Our P.E. classes emphasize on developing conditioning and skills suitable for various sports, and support to parents and coaches of our students.  The Covenant Academy Athletic Program has expanded over the years to include 10 teams in five different sports across grades 5 through 12. 

The program supports the Christian’s priority of faith and family first as well as the school’s priority of academics over athletics by scheduling practices and games (when under the school’s control and as facilities and coach’s schedules permit) in such a way as to have the least possible disruption on the student’s ability to attend church, be with family and study while also competing with excellence.

Through mature and godly coaches, the program seeks to challenge student-athletes to train and compete in such a way as to develop qualities of perseverance, strength, compassion, boldness, and humility with an eye toward serving the Kingdom of Christ as godly men and women. In team sports, this includes taking an “others first” approach.

The program seeks to develop student-athletes’ skills, endurance and physical strength through qualified and competent coaching and training programs designed to minimize injuries. Discipline in the form of positive correction, assistance, improvement and prevention is emphasized. Each student-athlete is expected to commit her or himself to practice and conditioning in season and out in order to compete to the best of her or his ability.

Student-athletes, coaches and parents are expected to act honorably toward their opponent, their opponents’ supporters, and the game or contest officials, regardless of how the other acts. The program seeks to represent the school community and the cause of Christ well in all its activities. All are expected to act with modesty and graciousness in victory and defeat. All are expected to abide by the letter as well as the spirit of league rules.

Our Values

Covenant's athletic program strives to provide the student-athlete with:

*An appreciation for and development of one’s body.

*An ability to handle pressure with confidence and poise.

*A healthy perspective on victory and defeat.

*Knowledge in how to interact with others through team sports.

*Experience in being a leader as well as a follower.

*The will to do one’s best, no matter the circumstance.

*Satisfaction that comes from the exercise of creativity within recreation.

*A sense of belonging to something greater than oneself, be it a team or a community.

*A test of one’s ability as well as the encouragement to reach beyond perceived limits.

*The discipline that requires one to set a goal, work toward it and see it to completion.

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