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Teams by Grade Level

We recognize the normal stages of a child’s development and strive to provide appropriate opportunities in athletics for all of our student-athletes.

High School Athletics (Grades 9-12)

The goal of our High School athletic program is to be competitive within TAPPS at the district, regional and state levels. All CA High School teams will continue to focus on excellence in execution, develop leadership skills, cultivate a “team first” philosophy and stress Christian core values. 

Sports: Volleyball (girls), Basketball (boys and girls), Track and Field (boys and girls), Cross Country (boys and girls), Swimming (boys and girls), and golf

Middle School Athletics (Grades 6-8)

The goal of our Middle School athletic program is to further in the student-athlete a love for the game, continue to develop fundamental skills and help athletes begin to understand and execute more advanced- level strategies and schemes. MS school athletics also help further develop the concepts of commitment and teamwork. All MS school athletes who have consistently attended practice, demonstrated commitment to improving their skills, and met CA athletic handbook expectations will be given playing time in each game.

Sports: Volleyball (girls), Basketball (boys and girls), Track and Field (boys and girls), Cross Country (boys and girls), and golf

Fifth Grade Athletics

At Covenant, we believe it is important to expose our students to organized athletics as early as 5th grade. We also recognize that at that age, many of the kids may not be ready to participate in competitive game play and that it is critical to give them opportunity to develop their skill before doing so. In light of this, 5th grade students who desire to participate in athletics are encouraged to practice with the MS team, however there isn’t a guarantee that they will participate in games. There may be occurrences when a 5th grader is needed to participate in games simply to have enough numbers to make a middle school team.

Game Schedules

Volleyball Practice
and Home Game Court:
Willowbrook Sports Complex

Basketball Home
Game Court:
Louetta Sports Complex

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