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FACTS Learning Management System (LMS)

Covenant Academy utilizes the FACTS LMS (Learning Management System). FACTS LMS enables us to interact with students onlineif/when remote learning is needed. It is a private and secure student area that allows students to connect with other students and teachers online, including accessing class materials, uploading assignments, participating in classroom discussions, and taking quizzes.

The only thing our students need to "activate" their LMS access is a valid student email address entered into the FACTS Family Portal(Get detailed instructions from the "Setting Up LMS Access" document here.)

FACTS has a short “LMS High Level Overview” video to give you an introduction to the system. CLICK HERE to watch it at your convenience. The password to access the video is factslms (case sensitive).

Remote Schooling Tips

7 Tips for Success When Learning at Home

The following podcast contains some tips and tricks for remote learning success (click here for a full transcript/downloadable PDF).


Quick Links

Student LMS Access
(District Code: CV-TX)

Navigating the LMS
(YouTube video)

Setting up LMS Access
(PDF Download)