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God is the first and best artist. He displays His glory in the heavens, and we get to see it every day! He has made us in His creative image, thus we, too, create. Classical methods of art instruction involve leading children to discover and imitate beautiful works of art as they learn elements of design.

An integrated approach to history allows children to see the connections between ideas and art as history unfolds. In addition to art lessons, students in grades 2-6 will visit the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston to see masterful works of art on display.

"The feeling of art is a means to shared feelings, creating community not merely between humans but between humans and God."
-- Awakening Wonder: A Classical Guide to Truth, Goodness & Beauty by Dr. Steve Turley

Artsonia Online Art Museum link

View student art on our Artsonia Online Art Museum where you can purchase customized keepsakes and earn funds for the art program at Covenant Academy!