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"Oh, sing to the Lord a new song; sing to the Lord, all the earth!
Sing to the Lord, bless His name;
tell of His salvation from day to day."
-- Psalm 96:1

We sing because God sings. We sing because God commands us to sing. In fact, He commands every one of us to sing His praises to one another. It delights Him when we join Him in song. For this reason, music instruction is carefully woven into the fabric of our day.

Honor Choir Students
Honor Choir during Chapel

A deep affection for music and its requisite skills (listening, singing, and making music) is best developed slowly over time. Morning assemblies in the grammar and upper school provide an opportunity to instruct our students in how to pray, sing and devote each day to the Lord. School-wide prayer at lunchtime quiets our hearts and enables us to respond in gratitude to the Lord as a community.

Seventh Grade Bugle Corps
7th Grade Drum and Bugle Corps

In a world that is increasingly less grateful, more hectic and even more individualistic, Covenant seeks to be refreshingly counter cultural (in the world and not of it). The world views music as a commodity to be consumed, Covenant recognizes that music is a gift to be celebrated. Covenant seeks to strengthen the Church by producing graduates who hear and obey the song of their King. 


Junior Choir: 1-4 Grade meets Mondays after school

Honor Choir: 5-8 Grade meets Wednesdays
before school

Concert Choir: 9-12 Grade elective class meets during 7th period on

Drum and Bugle Corps: 7-8 Grade meets Monday & Thursday before school

All ensembles are directed by 
Mr. Jordan Even

Music Lessons

Mr. Even offers piano, guitar, brass and percussion lessons on campus as student and instructor schedules allow.