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Smartphone Stairsteps

Our mission is a partnership of school and home working together in forming the hearts and minds of our students. We have a common goal. It’s become more and more apparent that we face a common challenge--competing voices blaring at record volume and speed. Specifically, the device attached to so many children’s hands. While cell phones can be helpful in certain situations, they pose serious threats to children’s development and well-being.

Since 2007, the launch of the first iPhone, anxiety, depression, and difficulty concentrating have been on the rise. It’s reached epidemic proportions. Many of you have chosen our school because we are low-tech, and phone use is not permitted during the school day. This policy has protected our students from distractions during the school day but more and more we’re seeing a need for even more protection.

In August of 2023, we launched Smartphone Stairsteps*, a four-phase process to introduce smartphones to students so that they can be guided in wise practices year by year. This policy requires us to step up our partnership—not just between YOUR home and YOUR school but with ALL of our homes. 

In partnership, we are asking:

  • That grammar students NOT have smartphones. Our reason is simple: it’s not needed and it’s not in the best interests of the grammar school student. 
  • That EVERYONE agree to these stairsteps in a covenant with one another to raise up a generation of whole, healthy, and focused young men and women.

*Adapted from Better Screen Time

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