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Third Grade Greek Festival

February 05, 2021
By Covenant Academy

Today 3rd grade celebrated the culmination of their Greek studies with Olympic Games and a feast!  The students competed in “Olympic events” such as chariot races, discus, javelin and arm wrestling. Following the games, the class enjoyed a sampling of traditional Greek foods. Some class favorites were: lamb, feta, olives, figs, tzatziki, stuffed olive leaves, eggplant, and pastitsio (Greek lasagna).

The class discussed how the Greeks, although a great culture with great strength, were missing out on the thing that gave life to all these delights- their Maker! What a fun time the students had immersing themselves in history!

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Third Grade Latin

October 29, 2020
By Covenant Academy
Third Grade Latin Class

In Latin, we highlight Roman traditions and history alongside our language study. 3rd grade continued their lessons while dressed in togas. Classical learning is a joyous adventure!

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Eighth Grade Practical Arts

October 23, 2020
By Covenant Academy

Woodworking 101! Mr. Buckles worked diligently to get the 8th graders’ toolboxes ready for construction, our Covenant parent volunteers showed up to assist, and our 8th grade Practical Arts class enjoyed another great unit on Woodworking while constructing their Toolboxes- complete with power tools!

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Fifth Grade Scientists

October 19, 2020
By Covenant Academy

Our 5th grade scientists have been learning about the water cycle and learned that four of the characteristics of water are color, clarity, salinity, and taste. They participated in a blind taste test with different water sources. The results needed to be verified, as all good science experiments do, so the 7th graders replicated the experiment.

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Third Grade Cafe

October 09, 2020
By Covenant Academy

Third Grade CafeThe third-graders worked in Language Arts to create their very own “all about me newspaper.” To celebrate the completion of this project, the class enjoyed a morning of reading each other's papers and listening to café music while enjoying treats and hot chocolate/tea in our very own “Third Grade Café.” 

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