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Biannual Grand Tour

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” --Augustine

This quote is attributed to Augustine of Hippo who had a deep appreciation for the way in which our experiences shape us. We offer the Grand Tour class at Covenant Academy to give students an opportunity to experience the world in a whole new way! International travel provides students an opportunity to explore, discover and test their independence. 

Our Grand Tour itinerary takes students on a journey through our western heritage and the experience is truly life changing! Students will visit Mars Hill where the Apostle Paul delivered his pinnacle sermon, Florence where the Renaissance flourished and Rome where Paul and Peter were eventually martyred for their faith. And these are only a few of the places. 

Common Questions about our Grand Tour

Juniors and seniors enrolled at Covenant may attend as well as parents, teachers and friends of Covenant. If you would like to join the tour, please email Leslie Collins, our Head of School.

The itinerary can be customized to accommodate the unique preferences of each group as long as it doesn’t exceed the recommended maximum cost set by our school policy.

The 2018 trip itinerary was 9 days. Each group may vote to add more days if the cost is still within their price range.

Students have earned money towards their trip costs through camps, movie nights, shirt sales, Grand Coffee, and selling free dress tickets. Fundraising is not required but a fun way to get ready for the big adventure!

The Grand Tour is an optional class for those who are interested.

Biannual Grand Tour Photo Gallery

These photos were taken by the Class of 2016, on the tour in March 2015 where the students elected to go to Venice and Pompeii.

Our Tour Info

EF Educational Tours partners with us to create a customized and private tour for students, parents, and friends of Covenant Academy. The price is very affordable and includes tour guides, transportation, hotels, breakfast and dinner each day. The larger our group, the lower the cost for everyone; if you’ve always wanted to travel but have been waiting for the right opportunity... please join us on our adventure!

Grand Tour Itinerary

Each class is given the opportunity to customize their Grand Tour.  Our 2018 Grand Tour students chose not to visit Venice and Pompeii, but added Delphi to their trip.