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Fall Fun Run/Color Run: Nov. 12!

Our Fun Run is a time to gather as a community, cheer on our students, and grow our school. It’s an exciting time, and it’s just around the corner!  We’re all eager to resume activities within our houses and the Fun Run is the perfect time to do that. Not only will students enjoy the fun of running laps with their friends as they raise money for our school, the weeks leading up to it will be filled with exciting house competitions to win house points for the highest percentage of participation and the highest number of sponsors. It will be super fun and easy for everyone.

Pledging has never been easier! Each student will have their own personal account, so you can enjoy connecting with family and friends using your student's account.


  • REGISTER your student at - enter Covenant Academy (or enter registration code: 785-958), then enter student first and last name and select their class. 
  • CONNECT to sponsors - have your student create a fun video to share and begin to collect pledges from friends or family who want to support our school.
  • COLLECT pledges online through the platform (monies are due one week after the run).
  • ENCOURAGE your child and come cheer them on during the Fun Run/Color Run!

On the afternoon of Friday, November 12, everyone will run as their friends and parents cheer them on.  Grammar students will run first cheered on by the Upper School. Then, students in grades 7-12 will be showered with color—House Colors of course! There will be lots to celebrate as we work together to get sponsors, run laps, and raise money for our school! 


This year’s Fun Run will help us restore the natural enclosure and privacy we enjoyed before the neighboring construction started. We will focus on three campus improvements: 

1. Plant 25 trees on the 290 side of our property as well as in the Preserve.
2. Cover the windows to provide privacy and lessen distraction while allowing plenty of natural light into our classrooms.
3. Install privacy slats in the chain-link fence along the 290 side.

To complete this summer project, we need to raise $35,000. It’s a big goal but so worth it and so attainable! 


Please reach out to our Fun Run/Color Run Coordinator, Kayla Hodges or Matt Hodges or call the school office at 281-373-2233.

Let’s have some fun for a change!! 

Fundraiser Timeline

Wednesday, Nov. 3:
Kick-off Pep Rally  and
Parent Registration Opens

Afternoon of
Friday, Nov. 12:

  • Fun Run for Grammar School Students
  • Color Run for Upper School Students
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