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Kingsfield Farm Partnership

In a step toward strengthening our classical education practice, Covenant partners with Kingfield Farm, a ten-acre hobby farm located in northwest Cypress owned and operated by Covenant parents, Keith and Julie Miracle. Our partnership provides for a tangible integration from the classroom to creation. Imagine grammar students growing as they work in agricultural projects on a regular rotation, and seventh and eighth grade students rounding out their rich curriculum with field study at the Farm. 

The Miracles at Kingsfield Farm


Purchased in 2003 from the descendants of German immigrants, the Miracle family operated a ten-year, small-scale floriculture business selling field grown specialty flowers at area farmer’s markets. The original German farmers lived where the current house sits near Grant Road and Cypress- Rosehill Road, but they raised cattle and farmed the land all the way across Little Cypress Creek to Huffmeister Road. When students work on the Farm today, they connect to the experience of actual people in local history.

In the early 2000’s, a few longhorn cattle grazed the pastures at the Farm. The longhorns “came” with the Farm in that they were the property of longtime friends and neighbors of the original owners. In 2011 the Miracles replaced the longhorns with a flock of American blackbelly sheep, which are small sheep, usually measuring under three feet in height and traditionally raised for meat. The blackbellies lamb twice annually with a majority of ewes producing twins. Not having prior experience in small livestock management, the Miracles learned through experience about coyote control, flood dangers to small livestock, parasite control, nutritional requirements and the conditions that result from nutritional deficiencies or excesses, and, most interesting, sheep behavior, which in the scriptures is most frequently compared to human behavior.

Visiting the Farm (click on images to enlarge)

WMA Designation

In 2021, the Farm was designated as a Texas Wildlife Management Area (WMA) and is tasked with increasing and maintaining songbird populations as well as working on predator and erosion control. 

Current projects include: development of a new pond, creation and installation of songbird feeding stations and bluebird houses, development of a new flower and herb garden, management of the American blackbelly sheep flock, and expansion into dwarf goat species. 

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