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Body and Soul

Physical training is an important component of a classical education. Though many consider physical education to be little more than organized recess, we believe that physical education is critical to a child’s development. The neuropathways that are formed as information travels through the nerve cells of the brain when children learn to run, jump, kick, skip, and throw properly are as critical to our students’ academic growth as learning to read. 

As two classical educators explain in their work, The Liberal Arts Tradition, “The body and the soul are united in such a way that failure to cultivate the capacities inherent in either is failure to cultivate the whole person.” If we only train our students’ minds, they won’t be fully educated. God has made our students, body and soul, so we must educate them well, body and soul. As we teach them how to imitate movement and persevere in their bodies, their souls will learn as well and, hopefully virtue will be formed not just in thought but in action.

Our youngest students in grades Kindergarten through second have three PE classes per week to help their bodies and minds develop effectively as they begin their school experience. So often children in these grades struggle to learn to read and write well because their bodies are stuck behind a desk or table all day. As our students mature physically, they begin to need less physical instruction in how to move and combine movements to participate in challenging and exhilarating workouts and games. Starting in third grade, our students have two classes per week, and by fifth grade students are able to begin participating on our athletic teams.

"We become just by the practice of just actions, self-controlled by exercising self-control, and courageous by performing acts of courage." -- Aristotle

Covenant Academy athletics will help fulfill our mission by teaching a Christ-centered approach to competition and teamwork, as well as respect for our opponents and officials. Covenant Academy athletics hopes to instill a lifelong love for exercise and physical fitness in our student-athletes. Our goal for our students is not that they all be star athletes. Our goal is that they would be virtuous. And this will be accomplished as we challenge them with acts of the body and the soul.

Varsity Boys Basketball
Patriot Mascot at Pep Rally
Varsity Volleyball Team
Varsity Girls Volleyball
Cross Country Team

Home of the Patriots!

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Athletic Director:
Janet Angst

Program Profile

Mascot: Patriot
Colors: Navy Blue, Red, and White
Leagues: Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools (TAPPS) for Grades 9-12

  • High School athletics classification: TAPPS 1-A
  • TAPPS by-laws and rules at

Governance: All Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric sports are subject to and governed by TAPPS rules and by the policies laid out in Covenant's Athletic Handbook and Parent-Student Handbook.