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Athletics at Covenant

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Sport Achievements
Volleyball 2020 District Champs
2021 District Champs
Girls Basketball 2022 TAPPS Final Four
2023 TAPPS Elite Eight
2024 TAPPS Elite Eight
Boys Basketball 2021 TAPPS 1A State Champion
2023 TAPPS 1A State Runner Up
Boys Golf 2021 TAPPS 1A State Runner Up
2022 TAPPS 1A State Champion
2023 TAPPS 1A State Runner Up

Athletic Director: Janet Angst

Colors: Navy Blue, Red, and White

Leagues: Grades 9-12: TAPPS 1A (Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools)

Governance: All Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric sports are subject to and governed by TAPPS rules and by the policies laid out in Covenant’s Athletic Handbook and Parent-Student Handbook.

Cultivating Wholeness and Virtue

Physical training is a vital component of classical education at Covenant Academy. Contrary to the common view of physical education as merely organized recess, we understand its critical role in a child’s development. Developing neuropathways, formed as children engage in activities like running, jumping, and throwing, is just as crucial for academic growth as learning to read.

As highlighted by classical educators in The Liberal Arts Tradition, “The body and the soul are united in such a way that failure to cultivate the capacities inherent in either is failure to cultivate the whole person.” We aim to educate our students thoroughly, in both body and soul. By teaching them to imitate movement and persevere physically, we facilitate physical development and the cultivation of virtue in action.

At Covenant Academy, physical education begins early. Our youngest students in grades Kindergarten through second engage in three PE classes per week, aiding their body and mind development. This active approach helps address challenges in learning to read and write, which can be exacerbated by prolonged sedentary periods. As students mature, their physical education needs evolve, transitioning to two classes per week from third grade. By fifth grade, students are prepared to participate in our athletic teams.

Ultimately, we believe that athletics are a vital component of the complete education of a child and should fulfill the mission of our school, which is to train students to impact their culture for Christ.

Our Athletics Vision

| Pursuing Excellence in Sport and Spirit

  • Pursuing Truth| We seek victory fairly, adhering honestly to the rules of the game and embodying integrity in every action.
  • Embracing Goodness | Our athletes strive to represent Christ well, whether in victory or defeat, by giving their best effort in every competition.
  • Seeking Beauty | Mastery of skills in each sport is a goal, as we believe in the aesthetic value of excellence and skillful play.
  • Serving Christ’s Kingdom | Teamwork is essential; we focus on group success rather than individual glory, reflecting the spirit of unity and collaboration.
  • Competing for Christ’s Glory | Our commitment is to work hard, compete fairly, and always aim to glorify Christ through our athletic endeavors.

Our Athletics Programs Goals

Organizing and Programming Christ-Centered Sports and P.E.

The Covenant Academy Athletic Program is committed to providing a Christ-centered, high-quality sports experience for students in grades five (5) and above. Additionally, we offer P.E. classes for kindergarten through eighth grade (K-8) students. Our P.E. classes focus on developing skills and conditioning suitable for various sports. We also support our students’ parents and coaches to ensure a positive experience for everyone involved. Over the years, our Athletic Program has grown to include ten teams in five different sports, spanning grades 5 through 12.

Sports and Life Balance

The program aims to promote a balanced approach to sports and life by supporting the Christian value of prioritizing faith and family and the school’s emphasis on academics over athletics. This is achieved by scheduling practices and games (when under the school’s control and facilities and coach’s schedules permit) in a way that minimizes disruption to the student’s ability to attend church, spend time with family, and study while also ensuring that they can compete with excellence.

Godly Training for Kingdom Service

The program aims to train student-athletes for Kingdom work through the guidance of mature and godly coaches. It challenges them to train and compete in a manner that develops perseverance, strength, compassion, boldness, and humility, emphasizing serving the Kingdom of Christ as godly men and women. For team sports, this entails adopting an “others first” approach.

Instilling Necessary Discipline for Athletic Excellence

The aim of the program is to enhance the skills, endurance, and physical strength of student-athletes through competent coaching and training programs that minimize injuries. Positive correction, assistance, improvement, and prevention are emphasized as forms of discipline. Every student-athlete is expected to dedicate themselves to practice and conditioning, both in and out of season, to compete at their best ability.

Fostering a Culture of Honor

Student-athletes, coaches, and parents are expected to display honorable conduct towards their opponents, their opponents’ supporters, and the game or contest officials, regardless of their behavior. The program aims to represent the school community and the cause of Christ in a positive light during all its activities. Everyone is expected to demonstrate modesty and graciousness in both victory and defeat. Additionally, all must comply with the letter and spirit of the league rules.

Teams and Schedules

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Our athletic program offers a range of sports, fostering a balanced approach to life and sports. We participate in the Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools (TAPPS), with teams across grades 5-12 Volleyball, Basketball, Track and Field, Wrestling, Cross Country, Swimming, and Golf. Schedules and practices are designed to prioritize faith, family, and academics, ensuring the holistic development of our student-athletes.

Teams by Grade Level

We recognize the normal stages of a child’s development and strive to provide appropriate opportunities in athletics for all of our student-athletes.

High School Athletics (Grades 9-12)

  • Objective: Our High School athletic program aims to be competitive at district, regional, and state levels within TAPPS.
  • Focus: The program emphasizes excellence in execution, leadership development, a team-first philosophy, and Christian core values.
  • Sports Offered:
    • Volleyball (girls)
    • Basketball (boys and girls)
    • Track and Field (boys and girls)
    • Cross Country (boys and girls)
    • Swimming (boys and girls)
    • Wrestling (boys)
    • Golf (boys and girls)

Middle School Athletics (Grades 6-8)

  • Goal: The Middle School program nurtures a love for the game, continues fundamental skill development, and introduces more advanced strategies and teamwork concepts.
  • Participation: Committed athletes attending practices and meeting the CA athletic handbook expectations are assured playing time.
  • Sports Offered:
    • Volleyball (girls)
    • Basketball (boys and girls)
    • Track and Field (boys and girls)
    • Cross Country (boys and girls)

Fifth Grade Athletics

At Covenant, we believe exposing our students to organized athletics as early as 5th grade is important. We also recognize that at that age, many of the kids may not be ready to participate in competitive gameplay and that it is critical to allow them to develop their skills before doing so. In light of this, 5th-grade students who desire to participate in athletics are encouraged to practice with the MS team; however, there is no guarantee that they will participate in games. There may be occurrences when a 5th grader is needed to participate in games simply to have enough numbers to make a middle school team.

  • Philosophy: Recognizing the significance of early athletic exposure, we introduce organized sports from 5th grade, focusing on skill development.
  • Practice and Participation: 5th graders are encouraged to practice with the Middle School team. While not guaranteed, game participation may occur when necessary to complete team numbers.

Game Schedules

View High School, Middle School and Elementary sports at



Basketball Practice & Home Game Court: Playground Houston, 12539 Perry Road, Cypress

Volleyball Practice: St John Lutheran Church, 15235 Spring Cypress Road

Volleyball Games: Playground Houston, 12539 Perry Road, Cypress

Required Athletic Forms

Parents must have an account with RankOne and complete all required forms.

Basketball Camp

Covenant Academy’s annual Narrow Path Basketball Camp will be held on June 24-June 27 (Monday-Thursday) at St. John Lutheran Church.

The 4-day camp emphasizes skill development, teamwork, and how the game of basketball invites athletes to encounter Jesus and become more like him.

It is open to students entering 2nd-9th grade with a morning session for grades 2-5 and an afternoon session for grades 6-9. Please email Head Coach Titus Szymanowski if you have any questions.

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