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Parents are looking for someone who will partner with them in the discipleship of their children that reaches beyond the classroom. In a world that is increasingly confused about identity, they are looking for a school that understands that their child is made in the image of God and with that come immeasurable gifts and talents that need to be nurtured.  Covenant students have numerous opportunities to lead through our House System, Weekly Chapel, Clubs and Honor Societies, and more!

Mrs. Gaertner, Pre-Kindergarten

Cultivating leaders involves building blocks of character with each year. Opportunities for growth in leadership are learned as students mature. Each student’s experience is unique but typically, students develop increasing independence as they move from self-focus to being focused on serving God and serving others throughout their years at Covenant.

“I treasure that I can trust that what I teach my children at home in terms of biblical character, personal accountability, hard work and having fun, proper discipline, loving God and others, respecting authority, and having a Christ-centered mindset. A ‘building the Kingdom’ atmosphere is what is taught and expected by their teachers and school family
during their time away from me.”
--Covenant Parent

The primary building blocks of leadership skills are the establishment of trust, obedience, attentiveness and diligence. As students develop greater independence in this area, they are encouraged to stretch these skills, self-monitoring more and demonstrating increasing concern and awareness of others. As students develop greater love for God and others, they are increasingly able to live out their faith because of the formation of godly character in their lives.

Mr. Szymanowski, 12th Grade

True godly character is a response to God’s love for us.  It is our hope and prayer that each of our students will have a relationship with God that leads to increasing godly character in their own life.

“Covenant has helped build my faith in Christ as well as defend it. It has helped me academically, and it has strengthened me socially with its teachers and staff. I'm surprised how much I changed over the course of just the first week of school. I could not imagine myself now without Covenant Academy.”
--Covenant High School Student

Are you wondering if Covenant Academy is right for your child?


Student Sightings

Training Students to Lead the Way

Building servant leaders begins at the beginning:

At the Grammar level, students are assigned simple classroom tasks such as holding the door, changing the calendar, and carrying water bottles to recess.

Our 5th and 6th graders are given the option to dress-out for P.E.

The 6th graders are responsible for Flag Detail every morning and afternoon, as well as selling ice cream each day at the end of the lunch period.

At the Upper School level, students are assigned service duties around campus at the end of their lunch period.  These tasks include emptying trash can and recycle bins, sweeping Patriot Hall and classrooms, making copies for teachers, and picking up around the courtyard and pavilion.

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