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Fine Arts At Covenant Academy

Nurturing Creativity and Spiritual Growth

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At Covenant Academy, we believe in the transformative power of the arts as a vital component of a Christ-centered classical
education. Our comprehensive Fine Arts program, encompassing Art, Music, and Drama, is designed to foster creativity,
appreciation, and skillful expression, aligning with our vision for our graduates.

Our Fine Arts program is a crucial component of our mission to shape and disciple every child. Starting from building fundamental skills in the Grammar Years to exploring specific areas in the Logic and High School Years, our objective is to equip students with the ability to confidently express their creativity and faith in the future.

"Art can open our eyes to the beauties of the created order. A painting or a song or a poem can spark a flash of illumination…" — Gene Edward Veith, State of the Arts


| Celebrating God's Creative Image

Inspired by the belief that God is the first and best artist, our art program encourages students to explore and create. From the early grades, students are immersed in classical methods, learning to appreciate and imitate beautiful works. This journey includes art history and appreciation, integrated with historical studies to contextualize culture and beauty. Our curriculum extends beyond the classroom to experiences like visits to the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, enriching our students’ understanding and appreciation of art.

View student art at our Artsonia Online Art Museum, where you can purchase customized keepsakes and earn funds for the art program at Covenant Academy!

"The feeling of art is a means to shared feelings, creating community not merely between humans but between humans and God." — Dr.Steve Turley, Awakening Wonder


| Harmonizing Faith and Melody

Music at Covenant Academy is an integral part of our students’ spiritual and artistic development. Students from the earliest grades engage in music appreciation, theory, and vocal skills. Our diverse musical offerings are tailored to each educational stage.

Music Programs

  • Grammar Years (Grades PK-6): Focus on vocal skills, hymns, and composer studies.
  • Logic Years (Grades 7-8): Exploration of Music Theory & Band, including our Drum and Bugle Corps. Additional electives include Choir and Theatre Troupe.
  • High School Years (Grades 9-12): Students can choose from Art, Concert Choir, Debate, Theatre Troupe, and Yearbook.


  • Junior Choir (1-4 Grade): Meets Mondays after school.
  • Honor Choir (5-8 Grade): Meets Wednesdays before school.
  • Concert Choir (7-12 Grade): An elective class.
  • Drum & Bugle Chorps (8-12 Grade): An elective class.

Music Lessons

Mr. Even also offers piano, guitar, brass, and percussion lessons on campus, accommodating student and instructor schedules.


| Expressing Faith through Performance

Drama at Covenant Academy is seen as a crucial tool for rhetoric and expression. Beginning with Scripture and poetry recitations in the Grammar School, students progress to more sophisticated forms of drama and public speaking in higher grades.

Our drama program includes:

Theatre Troupe

Offered as a summer elective for high school students and as an extra-curricular activity for younger grades.

Senior Thesis Presentations

Culmination of rhetorical skills developed through drama and public speaking exercises.

Curriculum Map

Download our curriculum map here and explore how Fine Arts are seamlessly integrated into our classical Christian education, preparing students for a future filled with creativity, faith, and community engagement.

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